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Speaking engagements

Age of Disruption seminars at your place

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    Private Companies and Businesses

    Sydney B2BExpo - International Convention Centre. We have just returned from exhibition from Exhibiting and Speaking at the B2B Expo, along with attending the previous Telstra Expo in Perth. We like to keep on top of things, so you don't need to..

    Age of Disruption creator, John Reynolds, (plus staff) are now available for a very limited number of speaking engagements to businesses across Australia.

    Features The Age of Disruption seminar, combined with future|webs ™ is specifically tailored to your company's goals and objectives.

    1. How to disrupt your competitions online business
    2. How to stop your business from becoming a casualty
    3. How to visually engage with customers and increase your sales
    4. How to build an Australia wide brand for yours or a new business
    5. Show you businesses that are ripe for disruption and how you can easily do it

    Full question and answer session with your CMO, staff and sales people.
    Limited to a single type of business in each capital city (Ie; accountancy | electricians)
    Live examples on how this works and how you can profit from it.
    Allow 2-3 hours at your place. Notes provided.

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