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TV Commercials

Just a few of our different Television commercials

  • Statewide Power

    30 sec + 15 sec HD TV Commercial. Off Grid power is the new Meta. People and businesses are switching over due to the rising cost of elecrticity plus the guarantee of a stable supply in remote areas and farms.

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  • Paradise Day Spa

    1 minute HD Branding video. Unique in Australia is Paradise Day Spa. Huge eco friendly carbon (Co2) neutral company, Created around 7 themed areas. Rainforest. Bali, Daintree and others, make for relaxing stress free treatments

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  • Coco Islands

    30 sec HD TV Commercial. Designed to awareness of the 'hidden gem' that sits off Western Australia. Both in activities and the pristine location. Won Australias Best Beach Award for 2017 (Cossies Beach) Named after Sir Peter Cosgrove) from Tourism Australia. Many Australians don't even know about it. Talk about Paradise lost!

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  • Future Webs

    15 sec HD TV Commercial. "Wouldn't it be nice if a website simply answered your questions.. in person.. rather than dumping tons of unwanted information on you?" - welcome to Future Webs"

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  • Tigermoth Adventure Flights

    30 sec plus 15 sec TVC - Designed to sell the 'adventure' of open cockpit flying and capture the exhilaration of the people (I want what she's having) as the plane goes through its acrobatics! as well as the sightseeing experience for those not so brave! The striking contrast of the the yellow Tigermoth against the azure blue sky, was created to stand out visually from the run of the mill commercials it would be competing with. The website features the same imagery plus embedded video, to help keep continuity.

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  • Mediaworx Promotion Commercials

    30 sec plus 15 sec TVC - Designed to showcase our World Class Websites™ - Our new Future Webs range on webs, plus our HD TV commercials. Different style music designed to engage with viewers, plus a single voice over at the end to get the overall message out.

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  • Age of Disruption

    30 sec plus 15 sec TVC - Mediaworx presents the Australia wide seminar on the Age of Disruption. Showing businesses what is coming (already here!) How to stop theirs from getting disrupted, plus, how to grow their existing one and how to start a disrupted business at warp speed for a fraction of tradition costs! The biggest change in the way of doing business has arrived. If you think 'mum and dad' businesses are safe.. think again. Disrupt.. or be disrupted.

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  • Karatha Tilt Tray & Towing

    Opening shot (Dead tyre!) designed to relate to something a lot us will have either experienced or seen in our travels! Catchy disco style jingle designed to get people to look up and engage. Bringing in few spoken words to reinforce what services they offer. So if you're in the Pilbara and want to 'move it ~ tow it ~ lift it or pull it' Give these guys a call!

    15 sec HD TVC.
  • VampFit gym and Fitness centre

    Very radical concept to conventional gym style ads which typically just shows people working out and then tell people where they are.. The Meerkat looking for greener grass' was conceived with the gym owners and the theme' grass is greener' came into being. Designed to capture peoples attention, both visually with the Meerkat looking for something, plus unusual music to make those people look up from their tablets during add breaks.
    COMMENTS: Lisa (Receptionist) said that she loved the advert and was wanting to see why the grass was greener. The Meerkat got her attention. Don from Trade supply, said he saw it on 7TWO. Again, loved the Meerkat and wanted to see where the story went.

    30 sec plus 15 sec HD TVC.
  • Mandurah Caravan & RV centre

    Objective was to emotionally engage and sell the lifestyle you can have, rather than the usual "This is what we sell and here's where we are"
    Built on the "Dream | Explore | Discover" theme we created. Not showing a ton of features about vans that people don't remember..

  • Collie Burnout Challenge

    Adrenaline packed 15 sec television commercial. Focussed on what the people actually want to see.. The burnouts!
    Loud, noisy and lots of coloured smoke! "I wanna see that!!"

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  • Virtual TV Sets

    A short 5 second clip taken from the TV, to show you what a virtual sets can do for you. The lady looks like she is sitting a high quality set with a window to the outside to create the appearance of a 'live' show. Julie is actually in front of a green/blue screen with the set imported and a video running in the background/virtual set. We have many virtual sets, from American talk show to Game shows to Tv news desks you can choose from to match your business, location or image you wish to present.

  • Game show TV commercial

    Aussies love their game shows! So we created "Who is it?" A humorous script combined with the use of one of our virtual sets. Added a bit of drama as contestant hyperventilate's.. Apart from the 3 people, nothing else is actually there! Again, the goal is to get viewers attention, engage with them and stand out from the crowd. We could have done a "At mediaworx, we do blah blah" and few would even take notice, let alone remember.

  • Southern Car Care

    One of a series of promotional 15 sec commercials we did, to showcase some of our website clients and get a testimonial about us! We left the cameras rolling at the end (laugh) to introduce the 'real' person consumers would meet!

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Mediaworx offers a one stop shop for TV commercials and video production throuhout the greater Bunbury region and operates Australia wide. Our television commercials are designed to stand out from the other commercials in the 3 min ad break, grab the consumers attention and drive them to a course of action. People are in information overload and putting up the shutters and tuned out, as a tidal wave of information swamps the Earth!

A new website dedicated to TV Commercials and their production, can be found at TV Commercials. It contains a heap of information about the production of Television commercials and Ads in Australia.

WE ARE DUAL SCREENING: A major issue for TV advertisers:
A recent Nielsen survey, showed 74% of Australians now admit to dual screening. That is, looking at their Tablets or Smartphones whilst the TV ads are on. This is having a dramatic effect on the advertisers message, as some 7 out of 10 may not looking at the TV when their ads come on! The under 25's are now 'Triple screening' looking at their phones as well. Television commercials need to change. They have been following the same format for over 60 years! Based on the "This is what we do or sell and here is how to contact us" The world has moved on and TV advertising needs to do the same. With the fracturing of traditional media, TV commercials also need to form a part of the big picture and contribute to a company's brand value, not a 'chuck it out there and see what happens' This is called 'fishing' We throw some bait out there hoping that the fish will see it and like it. Farming is a proven principle. It works.. Ask a farmer! He prepares the soil, plants the seed, waters it and gets a harvest. We live in a 'connected world' and engaging and effective commercials need to form a part of it.

INFORMATION OVERLOAD: People in general are not handling this vast amount of information and life changes being forced upon them. It ranges from Banking to buying of good and services. This is creating impatience and people are looking for the least path of resistance in life.. however small. From Pay Pass payments to the Supermarket self serve checkouts. It used to taker a decade for the arrival of fashion, music, new information and the assimilation of it into our lives. The 60's, 70's, 80's and so on. It's now arriving in months and people are overloaded. They just want the 'short version please' They don't want to read much on websites, just answers to questions.

Television Advertising Bunbury.

Video & TV Production Services: Mediaworx offers a complete one stop shop for the production of Television commercials, Corporate video production, Internet videos, Visual Staff training and instructional videos, plus corporate documentaries.

We are currently in the production of short 10 minute business shows for TV and Internet.

We also offer special visual and sound effects with our green and blue screen technologies We work with you to obtain the required result, regardless of what size your business is, or budget


Typically, HD TV commercials range from $770 to $1250 for a 30 second, to a 15 second and 30 second package form around $1000 to $1300, plus Network and Free TV rating fees. SOURCE: Perth Advertising Agency (Now owned by Mediaworx)