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age of disruption

Well... It's not "Business as usual" anymore, is it!

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    Information overloaded consumers.
    Fractured media & overloaded consumers has given rise to a new business model! Those that don't embrace this, will be left behind.. Your business is under threat..

    MENTAL energy is the new consumer currency, the less they have to spend, the more likely they are to buy!"

    Websites need to serve up what consumers want, not what you got or do!
    People just 'google' what they want. When consumers arrive at your website, what are you going to do?
    1. Use it as an opportunity to dump info on them, or
    2. Answer the reason why they came there and engage with them?
    Most websites are no more than repositories of information, most of which the customer doesn't want! and most don't want to search through it anymore!
    You will experience this new style of engaging websites (future|webs) on the evening, as see how it can get you customers.. and help grow your business at warp speed..

    This is an action seminar, not another pep talk, or how to use Facebook!
    We show you why it works and how to do it! There's no dvd's or coaching courses to buy either..

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