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Some gracious comments from people.

  • Precor USA video and website testimonial image

    Precor | USA, UK and Australia branches

    TWITTER: Totally unexpected Tweets from Head office in USA, plus main offices in the UK and Australia about our 2 min HD video we created for a large gym that used their equipment, plus their website.. They requested a hard copy (USB) so they could send it to their China office.

    Email from Richard. Marketing Manager, Precor Aus & NZ

    "Just wanted to pass on how impressed I was with the in-club photos & website link that was sent through. This has now received Precor global from a Precor/Preva promotional perspective! Would it be possible to receive the video file of the YouTube promotional video, as my Marketing Manager in China would like to view? Also I'd be interested to include this video as best practice within our company presentations"

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  • Cochrane contracting testimonal image

    Work for Cochrane Contracting - Collie

  • Cochrane contracting testimonal image


    Who did listed company ATCO call when they needed help with getting their website higher in the search results?
    The phone call went something like this..
    ATCO: "Hi.. It's Roland from ATCO here. We are having a problem getting our Australian website ranking for our major products.. Can you help us?"
    Us: "Of course - By the way, whereabouts are you?
    ATCO: "We are in Sydney"
    Us: "You know we are in West Australia don't you?"
    ATCO: "Yes, we just Googled 'website design optimiser' and you were right up there with Wikipedia, so we figured you must know what you are doing?"
    Us: "We were able to help ATCO and we can help you too!"
    (Google 'website design optimiser' Check it out)

  • Lapis Essence

    "Hi John.. Love your ideas!!!
    Yep - I'm really excited, You are being so nice/helpful/supportive to me and my business. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
    Thanks for 'getting me' and where/what I want this to be. I can't be thankful enough that I stumbled upon you! The others I 'interviewed' gave me nothing that you give me. It was just a task and it will take this long and cost this much. You are SO much more on my page! LOVE IT!" ~ Kristy

    I have been working with John Reynolds from Mediaworx for the past 20 months.
    John is extremely dedicated to his Clients and has always maintained the upmost of professionalism.

    I have found him to be a very genuine person who holds the best interest of me and my business firmly at heart. He is a wealth of information for all things concerning Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Websites and business growth opportunities.

    I remember after I had my first chat with John over the phone (I was getting a quote comparison) I said to myself “This man is gold". The knowledge he has is so extensive and as well as educating me, he continues to push me beyond my comfort zone for the good of my business.

    When you sign up with John, you are not just getting a website, you are getting the man behind the controls. A face behind the screens. He will be there for you.

    He understands about quality and will ensure you have the best of the best in websites built/advertising campaigns or whatever venture you choose to enter into, because at the end of the day, what your business produces, his business produces.

    I am really happy with John and how my relationship with him has grown, as my business has grown. I would definitely recommend Mediaworx.

    Lapis Essence | Luxury Skin Care & Bath Products

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  • Vampfit Gym & Fitness Centre

    "We have been working with John now since we first opened in October 2012..

    His advice, years of industry knowledge and expertise has helped us exponentially to maximise our advertising dollar and in many ways brand & present our business the way that we want it.

    Increasing exposure over varied media is often difficult in a new business with loads of competitors, especially franchises that have huge backing and marketing formulas.

    John has worked with us to focus on how we can maximise our advertising budget expenditure. Everyone is wanting a piece of you, they promise everything and most times deliver minimal conversions for the money spent. John is like having an insider that knows the patterns, knows the results - you will save money and angst of spending and getting no result.

    John has made us think about what differences we have in our product and services in the marketplace and how to put this across in the most effective way Nowadays that is the most important advantage - standing out from the crowd!

    John uses human behaviour and years of knowledge, constant industry research to advise and create - all in liaison with us as the owners. He doesn't pitch to us, he works with us.

    This is gold to us and we are rapt with the partnership that we have with Mediaworx.

    Needless to say, if you are a fitness centre owner/competitor - BACK OFF - he is ours!"

    Joe & Raquel - Vampfit Gym

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  • Beauty Revival Clinic

    "For the past 18 months, I have toyed with the idea of setting one up for my business, It all seemed very daunting.

    "Mediaworx came to my rescue! John developed a site that looked professional and brought my business instant success. Within days of my business going online, I had calls from a host of new clients, from them booking in for treatments, to buying packages, gift vouchers and products. Who would have thought it would happen so quick?

    With John's knowledge, he optimised search engines so my business came in at the number 1 spot! Literally putting my business on the map & best of all, within my budget. I found John to be very professional, creative & easy to work with"

    Sheree- Owner

    Sell the experience..
  • Cochrane contracting testimonal image

    Colorbond Fencing Contractors

    ":"Hi John. I just discovered that even when I type 'bunbury fencing' in Google that I appear just below Swift. That is impressive" "I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank the team at Mediaworx for the outstanding web design and personal care in the design of my web site. Their efforts has made me nearly top ranking in google and generating a constant supply of work. I would highly recommend them to any small business as they have expert knowledge to assist in high ranking with Google. Many thanks again" Tony.

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