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    There is so much to take into account when starting a new business. You are about to put your hard earned cash plus a heap of time into this project. Engaging with todays overloaded consumer is getting harder and harder. You used to have around a minute to engage with them on your website. It's down to around 7 - 10 seconds now. If they can't see what they want, they will just 'click off' and go to the next result.

    Mediaworx can assist both both a creative and engaging website, plus years of coal face marketing experience. Here's what one of our clients said:

    "I have been working with John from Mediaworx for the past 20 months.
    John is extremely dedicated to his Clients and has always maintained the upmost of professionalism.

    I have found him to be a very genuine person who holds the best interest of me and my business firmly at heart. He is a wealth of information for all things concerning Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Websites and business growth opportunities.

    I remember after I had my first chat with John over the phone (I was getting a quote comparison) I said to myself "This man is gold". The knowledge he has is so extensive and as well as educating me, he continues to push me beyond my comfort zone for the good of my business.

    When you sign up with John, you are not just getting a website, you are getting the man behind the controls. A face behind the screens. He will be there for you.

    He understands about quality and will ensure you have the best of the best in websites built/advertising campaigns or whatever venture you choose to enter into, because at the end of the day, what your business produces, his business produces.

    I am really happy with John and how my relationship with him has grown, as my business has grown. I would definitely recommend Mediaworx"

    Kristy: Lapis Essence | Luxury Skin Care & Bath Products

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