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    build a brand, not a business

    Every bit of marketing and advertising, should point to and build your business as a brand. As Harold Mitchell, builder of ones of Australia largest advertising agencies said "Most advertising is ad hock and contributes nothing to brand value" Most businesses go 'fishing' That is, throw something out there and hope they are biting!


    They should be 'farming' Farming as a proven principle. Ask any farmer!   Prepare the soil, plant the seed, water it, keep out the weeds and you WILL get a harvest!


    Problem is, business want an instant return.. ROI, return on investment. Patience is required. It takes a bit of time for the seed to take root, push through the soil, grow to its full potential and produce a harvest.. usually a hundred times bigger that the single seed the farmer planted...


    We can help you build your brand from the ground up.. and it starts with your website. It's the foundation we build everything on.. and our advice is free..


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